British vs Pirates

Created by Captain Apollo

British vs Pirates
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$55,140.00 / 597 backers
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Reinforcement ADD-ON
(Add-Ons require the Core Game to play) 2 British Ship cards and miniatures 2 Pirate Ship cards... more »
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Spanish Armada ADD-ON
(Add-Ons require the Core Game to play) 5 Spanish Capitan Cards 7 Spanish Ship cards 7 Ship mi... more »
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British vs. Pirates - Core Game
Everything you need to play British vs Pirates! (Add-Ons require the Core Game to play)

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British vs Pirates is a miniature-based ship combat game set during the Golden Age of Piracy! Strategically sail your ship into favorable winds to unleash your hellish broadsides and bloody cutlasses, sending your enemies to the crushing depths. Beware of your ship's strengths and weaknesses. Sail her correctly and you will be rewarded with victory. The wind and sea are calling. Which side will you choose?




Become a backer. We’ve made this kickstarter as simple as possible with two pledge levels, Captain and X3 Captain for those who want to bundle their game with friends to save on shipping. Also we have some really cool Stretch Goals below as well as our how to play videos. Check it out!

Below is a how to play video. Remember British vs Pirates supports up to 6 players for a total of 6 ships to be played at one time! This demo is of just two ships for familiarization of game play. Enjoy you wobbly legged land lubbers.

Unfiltered Gamer Review!

Rule Book:

The rule book will be updated, grammar and spell checked before print. Even though the current state of the rule book is intuitive enough for blind play testers to full time game reviewers to play, I still plan to improve it.

Click here for BvP PDF draft Rule Book

Click here for BvP PNG draft rule book

Stretch Goals! Below are Stretch Goals. As our campaign progresses and more backers like you pledge, Stretch Goals will unlock more Ship and Captain Cards, Ship Miniatures, and other amazing content that we will fill the Core Game box with! In other words, you will receive more stuff with the more backers that pledge. So help us by spreading the word of this epic miniature game by sharing this page with your friends and pledging now! On to the Stretch Goals, let's see how many we can unlock!



Below are two really exciting Add-Ons you have the option to include in your Core Game Box.

-NEW FACTION, Spanish Armada Add-On. This is a full Faction Add-On.

 -REINFORCEMENTS Add-On, injects more Ships and Captains to the British and Pirate Faction.

When you think of Pirates do you think of massive galleons running out the guns and flags flying the skull and cross bones? That is why I created this beautifully illustrated immersive ship combat game with a lot of strategy and a dash of chance. You will be put at the helm of your very own fleet sailing through the lush Caribbean Sea eliminating the foe through broadsides and boarding!





We have calculated shipping costs and made it as simple and affordable as possible for you. USA backers $15 and for ALL OTHER COUNTRIES backers it is $20.


My name is Apollo, I play games and have been doing so for most of my life. A few years ago I asked myself what make me happy. The answer was games. I've tried bartending and photography... However, I am better at this, making games. Nothing is more fulfilling than the creative process of bringing a game to life.


Because I love Pirates, and I was married on the HMS Surprise. Futher more, there has not been a rich ship combat strategy game in this genre for some time. Most other "pirate" games are lighthearted and focus on things other than ship combat. Accomplishing our kickstarter goal isn't only about making a great game, it's about filling a void where a game like this is needed.


With you backing this project and sharing our page on your social media we can pay for this game to be printed from one of the leading manufacturers in the board game industry. Once funded, it will set sail to your front door! 

British vs Pirates podcast with Sweet kicks with Bricks: